Hungry Food!

Angry Hot Food!

Tensed Crunchy Food! 

Happy Nutty Food!  Unhappy Junk Food!
In any mood, We needFOOOOOOOD !!!
What about a Healthy One !!!

 “Health is Wealth” is the most ancient saying and having a good balanced diet is the basic step towards achieving it.  Of course, a Good Lunch is an inevitable part of it.

Accept it or not, if you are a Vegetarian, you have a very limited choice in a Corporate Office for having a good lunch other than a salad bar, a slice of veggie or cheese pizza. Keeping that in mind, we are introducing “Lunch Simplified”

In India, approximately every hundred miles, the Dialect changes, the Attire changes and of course the Food taste changes!  “Lunch Simplified” is a wholehearted effort to bring you the age old Indian Home recipes and provide you an opportunity to experience the diversity of Indian food varieties and it's Exotic taste, which is not commonly available in market.


                                                                                                                                                            Help us to promote: All our Dadi & Nani’s Age Old Recipes!